Team Zoetermeer

Team Zoetermeer

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Length of service: There are 33 members in this team

When Michelle de Weyer took over a cluster of four branches, she found the illness rate was high, engagement was low, and there was little cooperation between colleagues. So, she started a journey with her team to turn it around.

“How do we become a winning team?” she asked her team. What followed was a complete approach, written and executed. The approach included personal attention, different team sessions, clarity and honesty, saying goodbye to some people, celebrating success and having fun together. People began thinking about team work, cooperation, and things to start, continue and stop.

The improved cooperation has led to better sales results and the team even won an in-house award for introducing the Service Check. Team members now refer to themselves as ‘the dream team’, and the sickness rate has fallen considerably.

Michelle obviously deserves much of the credit. She spends a lot of time with her people one-on-one and visits each branch at least once a week. But the success has been achieved by the whole team which, a year and a half ago, was struggling. Now they are held up as an example for others.