Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright

  • Job title: Sourcing Specialist
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Length of service: 2 years

Jessica goes above and beyond her day job in everything she does - training and mentoring new team members, helping customers and Authorised Dealers, and looking for opportunities to make improvements. However, she is modest and humble and never speaks up about all that she does.

When Jess joined the sourcing team, the Authorised Dealers didn’t feel they were being looked after. Jess made it her personal mission to rectify this, and their feedback quickly changed from negative to positive. “You’ve found a diamond in Jess; don’t let her go” said one.

In 2017-2018 when the Inventory Manager was seconded to a project, Jessica saw there was a gap in the everyday leadership of the sourcing team. Without being asked, she stepped up and took it on without any remuneration. She was recognised internally with a Gold Reach Award for helping the sourcing team whilst they didn’t have a team leader.

Throughout the day Jess is often asked questions by her colleagues and no matter how busy she is, she will drop everything to help. She readily shares her knowledge and if something is out of her expertise, she will call on the right people to get the question answered.