Ann Karin Bugge

Ann Karin Bugge

  • Job title: Chief Accountant
  • Country: Norway
  • Length of service: 20 years

Ann Karin has been with Hurtigruta since the very beginning, even before it became Hurtigruta Carglass® in 2003.

She loves her job and gives much of her own time to the company, working more than most. She is 100% committed and never says no!

In recent years, Ann Karin has worked with six different Finance Directors. Throughout this period of great change, she has assumed responsibility while the Finance Director role was vacant. She became the person everyone relied on. She knows everything about the department and everybody trusts her. If there is something they wonder about, they go to Ann Karin – she always has the answer. The feedback from her department is outstanding. They say she is like a living lexicon, because she knows everything about Hurtigruta Carglass®.

She has a good relationship with everybody in her department and is very well-liked. She is also very sociable and likes to do things with her colleagues, and she participates in the Spirit of Belron Challenge every year.