Technical Team

Technical Team

  • Country: Spain
  • Length of service: Luis Manuel Mena: 14 years, Gabriel GarcĂ­a: 10 years

Gabriel and Luis are part of a team of 13 trainers who provide technical support to all 670+ technicians across the Spanish territory.

They stand out because of their innovative and creative minds, combining their knowledge of robotics with the needs of technicians to come up with some fantastic new products and services.

Their latest creation is the new Cool Fun, a tool which allows a windscreen to cool down in just three minutes without damaging the glass. This tool is especially helpful in countries with extreme heat temperatures like Spain. Until now technicians have had to wait more than 20 minutes for the glass to be ready to repair. Not only will this tool help our productivity but will also avoid many broken windscreens caused by the heat turning the chip into a crack.

Another recent invention is a support to hold the calibration tool inside the car, meaning only one technician is needed to perform a dynamic calibration, previously a two-person job.