Ulaş Karataş

Ulaş Karataş

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Turkey
  • Length of service: 2 years

Ulaş has tremendous technical skills and is also very determined, open to innovation, a quick learner, flexible and attentive. He is consistently customer and people driven with a business mindset.

Ulaş started working as an apprentice just two years ago. After successfully completing the Compliance with the Belron® Way of Fitting course, he became a semi-skilled technician. Eight months later, thanks to his quick and exceptional progress, he became a Master Technician and was transferred to the Maslak and Sancaktepe Branches, each for temporary periods, to contribute to the development of the business and the branches.

His consistent and exceptional performance resulted in several promotions and, at the beginning of 2018, with positive feedback from both his line manager and director, he became a branch manager. Today, just two years later, Ulaş is leading the branch where he very first started working and has already established a great team spirit there.

The branch’s business results convey his professionalism. Under Ulaş's leadership, the branch is hitting its monthly business targets, customer service scores are rising every month, and feedback comments are full of gratitude for the way of fitting with real care, high speed of service and great quality.