Autoglass® Approved Partners Team

Autoglass® Approved Partners Team

  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: Graham Palin: 2.5 years, Jim Leydon: 39 years, Jimmy Warnock: 33 years, James Seed: 9 years

In 2018, Autoglass® faced a significant workload challenge. Exceptionally high demand created a need to sub-contract 2,000 jobs per week to approved partners - small local providers who have satisfied our rigorous criteria on quality of work, adherence to process, and customer satisfaction.

However, we began 2018 without that option, and it was down to this team to select and engage approved partners and work with the business to implement the new processes.

Enabling the business to respond differently to increasing levels of customer demand was a significant operational change. A change that could not have delivered the required results without the dedication, teamwork and commitment of these outstanding people. Their hard work has created a solution that provides the flexibility and improved ability to deliver on our promises.

Their focus was to manage the administration and associated processes with the sub-contracting operation, including proactive resource management, sickness cover and full management of invoicing.

They took everything in their stride with great dedication. Not only meeting their own weekly targets, but helping other departments in dealing with appointment issues, and staying late to cover the requirements of our contracts, even taking Concierge calls themselves to ensure that fewer calls were abandoned.