Paul Whettell

Paul Whettell

  • Job title: Technician
  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: 14 years

Paul is incredibly focused on the customer’s experience. He has an instinct for customer service and delights customers with his supportive and reassuring manner and his listening skills.

Paul trained and became qualified in performing windscreen camera calibrations, enabling him to solve more customer problems. He was then promoted to Lead Technician of his district – an opportunity which he grabbed with both hands.

Paul decided to rethink, redesign and redecorate the workshop. He created a reworked floor plan to maximise efficiency and productivity and he worked rest days to give the whole site a coat of paint. The result of this was a completely transformed working space which functioned far more effectively and made better use of space. The impact of this was amazing in terms of team morale, and photographs of the improved workshop space were shared around the business to great acclaim.

Paul makes a point of mentoring new starters on the team, making sure that they have a great on-boarding experience and are set up to give themselves the best chance of success in the role. Although outside the scope of his role he also supports the District Support Team, a task he routinely embraces without being asked.