Tim Camm

Tim Camm

  • Job title: Training and Quality Manager
  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: 2 years

Tim’s drive and desire to improve things across our operations, and the time and effort he puts in are amazing.

Not content with completely restructuring the training function, Tim also established a Technical Help Desk function, which has been a significant factor in the education and technical capabilities of our business - which is essential given the rapid increase in technical aspects of the VGRR market.

He has also developed new initiatives such as ADAS calibration technologies, and has been instrumental in doubling our ADAS calibration performance.

A critical element in establishing a wider footprint for our customers to be served quickly and efficiently was the opening of new locations via a partnership with Kwik Fit. Tim was responsible for developing the initial idea into a reality, project-planning the scheme’s implementation across the UK.

All this has been achieved against a backdrop of exceptionally high demand. Technical training has consistently supported the wider operational teams with a willingness and positivity that sets a high standard. Tim’s accomplishments are generated from excellent leadership talent, a ‘can do’ attitude that makes Tim such a pleasure to be around, setting standards and pushing boundaries in every aspect of his work.