Amie Mulherin

Amie Mulherin

  • Job title: Market Supply Chain Manager
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 15 years

Amie consistently demonstrates her dedication, leadership and drive to accomplish the extraordinary. Her constant pursuit of excellence is inspiring. Her spirit motivates everyone around her to do more, and be more.

Interacting with her associates, it is apparent that they all own a global perspective and are focussed on providing a high-quality product and doing the right thing for the business. It is visible that this is an engaged group, and Amie’s people opinion survey results have been in the 90s for the past two years.

Every year she puts together a staffing plan that will make our market successful. Her focus on coaching and feedback results in having a talented team that supports our market’s success and growth. When called upon, Amie and her team always step up to support other markets in need, without negatively impacting local results. Warehouse operations under Amie’s leadership could be considered a standard of excellence. Her physical inventory results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

On top of her normal responsibilities, Amie has taken the lead on community involvement and locally driven initiatives, leading up to 14 community events per year.