Cathy Robertson

Cathy Robertson

  • Job title: Agency Sales Representative
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 2.5 years

An immediate top contributor since joining as an Area Sales Manager in 2016, Cathy’s activity metrics have set the bar for her local peer group.  More impressively, her proactive collaboration has been key in driving historically high market performances. These results, combined with countless intangibles, have been game changing for our local team.

Cathy bonds closely with our team members and has a heart for serving our internal customers. She frequently provides impromptu rewards for colleagues, such as meeting technicians on the road on a hot day with a frozen bandana and cold water.

A tireless community servant, Cathy is well known locally, and serving others is second nature and an area of real passion. The market is extremely active in community activities and team building events, and Cathy’s phrase of "We rock and do cool stuff!" has become the team motto. This exemplifies the excitement and camaraderie she espouses and signifies the team’s cohesion, internal brand identity and quest to make work FUN!  

Cathy is an impactful leader, portraying excellence and enthusiasm in serving customers and team mates alike. She consistently shows wisdom, a winning, positive demeanour and lifts the spirits, standards and performance of everyone with whom she interacts.