Clutter Busters Team

Clutter Busters Team

  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: Gretchen Jeffries (Team Leader): 8 years, Jeremy Smith: 1 year, Rene Strawser: 1 year, Trevor Jones: 1 year, Ben DeMartini: 4 years, Ryan Burkett: 4 years, Keriake Lucas: 1 year

The Clutter Busters campaign is one of the best examples of a great change management effort ever seen at Safelite®. This team did a great job of making a topic as boring as ‘file clean-up’ fun and engaging for colleagues. 

The team had the daunting task of landing a new document retention policy that would eliminate unnecessary documents and emails to provide better protection for employees, minimise legal risk, reduce exposure to cyber criminals and reduce operating costs. Their goal was to create a call to action that would result in significant behaviour change, and they achieved this through a really creative campaign.

This included animated avatars, made real through the voices of our own associates, bringing each aspect of the project to life. Each month featured a different character: Take Stock Brock, Scale Down Sally, Lock it Lou, and Pitch it Penny. And soon, all around the business, people could be heard saying things like “I’m busting my clutter”.

The creative approach was fun and engaging, and made a tedious and time-consuming task more palatable, especially given that every employee was being asked to inventory their entire email archive and save business critical documents to a new technology platform.