Jennifer Pelegrino

Jennifer Pelegrino

  • Job title: Customer Service Advocate - Commercial
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 4 years

When challenged by her Operations leader to find a way to increase the market’s commercial business while at the same time creating a constant presence within the commercial community, Jennifer gladly accepted and never looked back.

Jennifer took it upon herself to contact all 70 commercial locations within the market and schedule appointments to visit them. She has completed this tour of commercial offices three times now, each time developing the relationships made between Safelite® associates and our commercial clients.

As the workloads increased and ADAS became more prevalent, Jennifer noticed that the number of wrong parts coming back from commercial clients was increasing dramatically. Continuing to strive for service so great its memorable, Jennifer created a pamphlet entitled ‘Safelite Glass Identification’. This educational book lists every known windshield design, accessory and feature. The market saw an immediate decrease in wrong parts ordered.

In fact, this tool has been shared with the entire region and has been implemented in a number of other markets. One is using it throughout the market as a tool with their rental customers and with newer technicians. It has been successful for them too, bettering their relationships and service levels with their rental customers.