Kent Henry

Kent Henry

  • Job title: VP Strategic Sales and Support
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 17 years

Kent‘s collaborative style and easy going manners have allowed him to accomplish three major wins in 2018, any one of which would have been a notable achievement!

With his knowledge of the industry he has become a trusted resource. In fact, the trust that others have in him has been fundamental to Kent’s success. It has been the cornerstone for building lasting relationships and growing the business.

One major win was a new contract with one of the biggest insurers in the US. Over the years Kent has worked very closely with the leadership there and we have grown our business significantly. Now, thanks to Kent, they are firmly putting their trust in Safelite®, and moving away from an in-house managed program. The impact of this new business allows us for the first time, to say that we manage 9 of the top 10 US insurers glass programs.

In the same period, Kent successfully negotiated an important contract renewal with another of our top 5 clients, and secured a brand new contract with an insurer who, after 20 years of handling the work in-house, has been convinced by Kent’s strong case to outsource the work to Safelite®.