Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

  • Job title: Quality Manager
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 14 years

Mark has led the Boise market to success for the last five years. He has been instrumental in taking customers’ feedback, dissecting it and putting in best practices to improve the customer experience, which has resulted in the Boise market maintaining the best customer service score in the country.

Mark has also become a national resource in advancing our ADAS program; he is the spokesperson for the ADAS forum and the ‘go-to’ person when it comes to issues and resolutions related to recalibrations. Mark has played a leading role in providing guidance and helping people from across the country on the ADAS Forum. He has a great deal of technical knowledge and his contributions on the forum have undoubtedly helped solve or avoid hundreds of problems.

Mark has been instrumental in identifying problematic products and parts and is often asked to test and give feedback on new materials and products.

The first runner up in the global Best of Belron competition in 2010, Mark has gone on to coach two other regional Best of Belron champions. He is a strong SME in the quality arena and his input and assistance is highly valued by both Safelite® and Belron®.