Success Team

Success Team

  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: Chad Flowers (Team Leader): 18 years, Chris Cole: 12 years

‘Success’ is a program developed by Chad Flowers and Chris Cole to facilitate goal alignment and role clarity discussions within a region to increase operational productivity.

Every leader in a region was invited to participate in a two day offsite. Portions of the offsite were dedicated to helping leaders connect, build trust and begin to cultivate deep relationships, this being a critical component in ensuring the program could be sustained following the offsite.

Leaders worked collectively to set standard, stretch and aspirational goals and identify obstacles to success. Then they prioritised the goals and used them to produce a plan, built bottom up by the people who can most affect the outcome. This approach ensures every leader in every market had a clear view of what success looked like for their market and their region.

This program has shifted leaders’ mindsets from ‘my team’ to ‘my region’, a change that has significantly increased peer-to-peer coaching, fostered stronger personal connections and trust, and developed a culture where those who ‘made it’ are willing to provide support to those who need help. Results have shown a favourable trend and the program has already been adapted and implemented in the UK and in Germany.