Product ID Team

Product ID Team

  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: Dave Carter 33 years, Raj Subharwal 12 years, Paul Bennett 13 years, Jamie McClements 12 years, Richard Minshull 11 years, Daniel Rushton 7 years, Adrian Harper 42 years, Gary Harvey 6 years, Ian Clarke 16 years, Harry Mehmi 21 years

Dave Carter (Senior Manager – Business Improvement Manager Conversion)

Raj Subharwal (Product ID Team Manager)

Paul Bennett (Product ID Specialist)

Jamie McClements (Product ID Specialist)

Richard Minshull (Product ID Specialist)

Daniel Rushton (Product ID Specialist)

Adrian Harper (Product ID Specialist)

Gary Harvey (Product ID Specialist)

Ian Clarke (Product ID Specialist)

Harry Mehmi (Product ID Advisor)

A team who, through focus and drive to improve their vehicle knowledge have delivered continuous improvement leading to record-breaking and world class results in 2020. They have grown and developed together as a team. Working tirelessly in the background, they have made a powerful contribution to some outstanding results.