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How our businesses around the world are innovating in their marketplaces.

Belron employee smiles at camera holding Greentab sustainable product

Carglass® in Germany launched the GreenTab as a new sustainable product.

The product goes straight into the washer fluid tank in the car and is mixed with tap water, resulting in a total of 5 litres of cleaning fluid. The product replaces containers of windshield washer fluid and therefore reduces plastic waste.

On-site compactor used to reduce waste

Autoglass® in the UK has introduced a number of initiatives to help reduce waste.

Transparent waste bags within distribution centres to improve the sorting of waste materials and increase segregation

A new on-site compactor to reduce the frequency of general waste collected and reduce waste contractors’ carbon footprint – this has also reduced expenditure

Working with suppliers the business has identified opportunities to reduce packaging on various products

Consolidated external waste management provision to one provider to streamline waste collection and maximise recycling and recovery opportunities.

Windscreens stored on rack

Recycling success in the USA

In 2020, Safelite® recycled more than 1.9 million windscreens. Since the 2012 program launch, they have recycled more than 14 million windscreens.

Cracked glass

Over a thousand tonnes of glass recycled

Smith&Smith® in New Zealand also saw a 3% reduction in non-glass waste products being diverted to landfill and a 21% reduction of overall waste being created.

The business is continuing to work with its recycling partner on sustainable ways to discard and recycle the PVB resin from the windscreens.

Making a difference
Wind turbine set in countryside

Addressing environmental and social challenges.

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