Resilience, efficiency and sustainability

Belron has focused on a business strategy to become global leader in vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration. In 2023 Belron will continue to deliver its core strategy, aligning with its purpose of ‘making a difference with real care’ to its customers, people, society and shareholders.

The business will focus on 3 key areas:

Continue to make a difference with real care for our customers

Continuation of the ‘Fit for Growth’ program with even more focus on enabling the business to operate in a more efficient and effective way

A continued commitment to sustainability

Belron will continue to accelerate growth through maintaining its focus on areas including offering additional products and services, productivity, procurement and advertising. This will include maximising opportunities in the recalibration market where Belron is established as the industry leader, with expert technical knowledge of current and future systems and trends and increasing to almost total coverage of recalibration technical requirements.

The transformation program will improve processes and leverage technology to give Belron’s customers and people an even greater experience and deliver further financial growth.

Two Belron colleagues looking over a document

The Belron business, at a glance.

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Addressing environmental and social challenges.

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