Belron Exceptional People Awards: Winners

Celebrating some of our stars of 2022

The inspirational people who bring our purpose to life.


Kisione Leaaevai

Customer Solutions Consultant, O’Brien®

Kisione never ceases to amaze. He plays a large role in motivating those around him and assists his colleagues in growing and developing – always focussing on the positive! He will strive to make a difference each day and have all around him smiling whilst he does so.


Luke Perdie

Automotive Glass Branch Manager, Bankstown/Moorebank

Luke’s inspirational leadership style and consistent drive to provide the best customer service has resulted in amazing results for his branch. Feedback from customers and colleagues is always positive and everyone recognises Luke as exceptional.


Patrick David


Patrick is more than an O’Brien Glazier to our customers; he is also a friend and someone who they respect, rely on and look to for advice. Patrick is the epitome of the O’Brien DNA and his achievements are only one small portion of his contribution to his team, his customers and the organisation.

BEPA winner headshot

Robert Evans

Automotive Glass Technician, Underwood

Robert is consistently the top technician because of his relentless attitude to provide the best customer service and his high quality of work. His abilities to upsell and leave a customer happy are what makes him a brilliant contributor in O’Brien.



Bettina Cernjavic

ERP Support – IT

Bettina is not just doing her job; she lives her job. She has an open mind for everything and is passionate about what she does. All of her colleagues appreciate Bettina’s experience, competence, helpfulness and quick response time.

BEPA winner headshot

Sascha Pisecker

Partner Supervisor – Sales

Sascha started his career in a service center and progressed in a very short time. He always takes time to support colleagues across the business and goes the extra mile every day. He truly lives the Carglass® spirit.



Lieve Valkeneers

Internal Communication Officer

Lieve gives the best of herself all day every day. Internal communication is very close to her heart, as you can see in everything that she does. Lieve always succeeds in going the extra mile and through her enthusiasm and creativity she also takes colleagues with her.


Harry Brouwers

Flying Estimator

Harry Brouwers really carries Carglass® in his heart. He is eager to share his wealth of knowledge with others and he does so in a proactive way. In dozens of sessions with new employees, he taught them tips and tricks to speed up invoicing. Harry is always ready to help his Carglass® colleagues!


Technical Trainers

Stefaan Scheerlinck, Rudi Apers, Olivier Blumart, Eddy Zdyb, Marc Mommens, Sotiri Xynogalas, Gaetan Seferi

The technical trainers created and rolled out at pace a training course that was state of the art and very enthusiastically received. Thanks to the expertise and commitment of all this team, we are able to deliver a first-class recalibration service to our customers.

BEPA winner headshot

Stefan Van Bouwel

IT Business Analyst

Stefan knows the processes like the back of his hand and is always willing to help. He is always proactive and makes sure that all departments involved get the necessary information as soon as possible. He does an enormous amount of work behind the scenes and despite the huge workload, he handles things in a professional, decisive manner. He is also very flexible and ready to help at any time – in the morning, in the evening and even at the weekend.


Bert Kenens

Purchaser Non-Glass

At the beginning of the pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of customers and employees was our highest priority. Bert led the process of procuring personal protective equipment for our European businesses. The effort from Bert was not just a one-off but resulted in a solid base for the EDC and Belron businesses as the products are still supplied and used today.



Barry Lingley

Service Centre Manager

Facing declining sales due to competitive pressures, Barry applied focus and determination to rally his team and win back the market. His consistent performance in customer service metrics, his leadership, his commitment to community and his tenacity distinguish Barryas one of Belron Canada’s Exceptional People.


Daniel Gadbois

Controller – Finance

An outstanding leader, valued business partner and excellent relationship-builder, Daniel consistently goes above and beyond by making a difference in the business. Recently, his leadership led Belron Canada to achieve an increase of 8 points in our Ecovadis program, bringing us closer to the gold category!


Darren Ward

Warehouse Manager

Ever the collaborative and solution-oriented leader, Darren was faced with having to close a warehouse and merge operations into his warehouse. He delivered the ambitious plan, bringing a 25% to 35% unit increase to his location and beating the combined trading profit budget of both warehouses.



Rebecca Hagen


Rebecca is driving the Business Analyst position to a whole new level through her total commitment, energy, deep knowledge and understanding of the business. She is the go-to person when a business function needs to get in-depth understanding of an issue and applies exceptional energy and interest.


Annika Takatalo

Finance Manager

Annika is someone who represents the true spirit of Belron, who leads her team from the front and who goes the extra mile more often than expected. She is caring, modest and humble and always ready to give her effort when and where needed. This is the sort of thing she does every day with perfect performance.


Tampere Team

Nika & Marko

For this team, ‘can do’ always means ‘will do’. The whole team is highly committed, pushing each other to be the very best and demonstrating the Belron Spirit. They do their job with great heart and come together as a team even stronger than as individuals.




Anthony Louis

Health and Safety manager

With the arrival of the pandemic Anthony managed, the deployment of a new additional service – the full interior sanitisation of vehicles – in record time. He was able to perfectly combine the requirements of his role with operational needs. Anthony was courageous and determined in an extremely complex environment.


David Baptista

Cross-functional specialist in St Marcel

Already a top sales representative himself, David created a best practice guide for other employees in his region in order to share his expertise. As a result of his work sales in his region have received a significant boost.


Emmanuel Perez

Transformation Project Manager

Emmanuel’s actions and leadership have been decisive in framing, timing, convincing and gaining commitment to a new way of working for Carglass® France employees. His collaborative approach involved more than 160 employees from different departments working remotely, who together defined the project, using innovative collaborative methods. This new approach will ensure a more sustainable and efficient way of working.


Eva Mignot

Brand Manager

Eva is someone who represents the true Spirit of Belron – a pleasure to work with! She seeks excellence and progress in everything she does and involves stakeholders to achieve the best.
At the start of lockdown, Eva developed a new TV advert for Carglass France in record time – working 72 hours non-stop and over the weekend.


Michael Vialet

Regional Manager

Michael created an ‘in-house university’ to promote the sale of batteries, helping his region become number one in this area. In addition to this initiative, his region is a top-performer on all performance indicators, a reflection of his particular commitment to cross-functional projects, as well as to the Responsible Development initiative.

BEPA winner headshot

Simon Desbois

Senior Account Manager

Since joining Carglass France, Simon has constantly exceeded his targets and is exemplary in all aspect of his role. He is a highly skilled negotiator with strong creativity, always focusing on results. He leads by example and is able to energise and engage his team and the people around him.

BEPA winner headshot

Thierno War

Supply Chain employee

Thierno carries out his role with total commitment, putting in enormous amounts of effort, often in challenging circumstances. He is versatile and willing to do whatever is needed to ensure that our branches receive the stock they require. He is also passionate about giving back, which was demonstrated during lockdown when he ensured that local hospitals got the masks and gloves they required.



Alexander Klein


Alex’s day is not over until everything that needs fixing is done. He is very conscientious, and always has his eyes set on the common goal. One example of his great commitment and skill set beyond the job was the way he fixed problems with the order transmission system.


Alex Cohrs

Area Manager

With Axel, it’s not about employees and supervisors, it’s about creating a Carglass® family, where everybody is willing to rise above themselves. His enthusiasm is truly inspiring and he lives to make a difference. Every day he is delighted with every sale, every good rating, every KPI achieved and every happy customer.


Marian Cristian Bailesteanu


Cristian impressed his team from his first day at Carglass®. He is not afraid of challenges and does his work not just reliably, but with passion, enormous Carglass® knowledge and skills. Last year he reached sixth place at the Best of Belron competition, making him one of the best fitters in the region.


Daniel Piater

Regional Manager, Nuremberg

Daniel is a boss who sticks by you in every situation – even when things don’t go as planned. He is there when you need advice, to chip in as glass medic, to pick up ordered material or even hoover if needed. With his hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial vision, he is a great leader and role model.


Mirko Karner

Senior Project Manager, IT & Digital Business

Mirko is an attentive and empathetic colleague, who never puts himself in the limelight. Projects that Mirko handles are reliably executed to an extremely high standard and he always pushes to set the bar higher. What’s more, Mirko is also always at the forefront in organising Giving Back activities.


Mohamad Samer Alhaddad

Fitter & Deputy Branch Manager

After leaving Syria, Samer joined Carglass® in 2018 and was promoted to Deputy Branch Manager within six months. Every day he gives his best for his colleagues and the company and as a result immensely contributes to its success. He is the best example of what you can achieve in life if you want to.


Oliver Wichert

Regional Planning Manager

Initially, Oliver supervised 43 locations in an already challenging position. In 2018, after a colleague left, Oliver rose to the occasion, adding 22 locations to his area of responsibility. He has overcome many hurdles since without complaint and proven himself to be one of the most capable people you could meet.



Evi Fragkioudaki

Incidents Approval Supervisor

Evi started working in Carglass® Greece as member of the Call Center. Her exceptional social skills and sincere passion for the company’s purpose drove her to leading the Incidents Approval Team. Through her great results and relationships with Key Accounts and all her colleagues, she consistently demonstrates her strong business focus and warm character.


Kostas Ntoutsis

Technician, Ioannina Branch

Kostas’s optimistic attitude combined with great flexibility during operational changes, his evidently excellent customer service level and his engagement to the company, are characteristics that make him overall an exemplary part of the business unit and a much loved person amongst his colleagues.

BEPA winner headshot

Yiouli Tsirigoti

National Sales Manager

Yiouli’s drive, knowledge of the business and her consistency in delivering results have made her an important part of Carglass® Greece. She creates and maintains great relationships with B2B accounts, and at the same time is caring and supportive to her team and all her colleagues from different departments.



Gábor Kellényi

Branch Manager, Pécs

Gábor Kellényi has maintained an extremely high NPS for several years, leads a clean and tidy branch, serving customers and contributing to process improvements all at the same time. He always spares a smile and a few kind words to anyone.


Melinda Nagy-Dankó

Key Account Manager

Melinda’s work has enabled the improvement of many of our business processes, lead to a significant decrease of the administrative workload for our technicians in all our branches and the entire back office staff, as well as contributing to improvements in business profitability.



BEPA winner headshot

Stefania Binetti

Telesales Specialist

Stefania has shown consistent commitment to our customers and works hard to regain every single job. She adds value to everything she does through investing energy, ideas and commitment; creating long lasting relationships between Carglass® and our customers.



Annen Bhattoe


Annen excels at selling additional products by fully committing himself but also by coaching and motivating other colleagues, acting as a true ambassador. His sales talent stands out; he knows like no other how to understand our customers and which products will benefit them.


Denny Bogaert


Denny brings sincerity, honesty and a huge passion for his work and for his colleagues. He is very eager to learn, but also to share his knowledge and skills with his colleagues. He is a fantastic ambassador to our customers due to his professionalism and personal approach.


Franka Beekmans

Accounts Payable Employee

Franka demonstrates dedication, flexibility and accuracy. She sets an excellent example for her colleagues and is simply exceptional. She willingly accepted responsibility for implementing changes that were needed to the payment process at Carglass® Netherlands, playing a really important role in the success of these changes.


New Zealand

Hayley Smith

Customer Service Delivery Support Coordinator

Hayley is the ultimate team player who learns and shares that knowledge with the wider team in a way that develops and maximises the impact on her colleagues as well as the business. She is always able to juggle multiple priorities and ensures that everyone around her has everything they need to be succesful.


Malay Dighe

Accounts Payable Co-ordinator

Malay is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a reliable, popular, dedicated and committed team member who can always be counted on to do the right thing, to own issues and to step into gaps to see them resolved. His character epitomises the Belron values.


Ridwan Sanjaya


Jonas Andersen

Finance Manager

Jonas has progressed through the business from assistant cleaning the floor to Finance Manager, gaining experience on the way and delivering at a consistently high level. He is always full of energy and well thought through ideas. Jonas is the ‘go-to’ guy when a report needs to be delivered quickly and has taken financial reporting to a new level in the business.



Alexandra Andrade

After-Sales technician

Alexandra is an example of dedication and great professionalism, every day going the extra mile to take care of customers’ needs and convert any detractors to promoters. She is always focused on the solution and with a pragmatic approach, has the ability to involve every stakeholder in the business to ensure that any customer problems are solved in a positive way.


Emanuel Teixeira

Sales Field

Emanuel is an exceptional employee who embodies the values ​​of the company, showing consistency and persistence with brilliant results, always exceeding targets. He has inexhaustible energy when dealing with customers, developing training workshops, helping colleagues and pursuing results. Emanuel has great ability to create empathy and sympathy, and is friendly to everyone – he always has a smile on his face.



Dejan Horvat

Technical Trainer

Dejan has excellent knowledge and experience of technical aspects of the business. He is an ambassador for the Belron Way of Fitting and is a role model, showing technicians how to work safely and consistently making a difference. During difficult circumstances he has covered the role of operations manager, whilst carrying out his role as technical trainer and supporting the technicians whenever needed.



Antonio Moreno


Antonio stands out for his passion for the environment and willingness to work for a more sustainable future. He is not afraid to challenge and understand the importance of communicating that we care for our planet through continued actions. He is committed, not only in his job but also in his local community; and is always available for anyone.


Javier Fernández Rodríguez

Branch Manager, Caceres

Javier makes a difference with anything he touches. Focused, driven and always ready for a challenge, he is a great example of hard work and motivation. He listens and learns fast and loves to give back to the people in his community. During the pandemic, on top of his day job, Javier has produced 3D printed visors for a nursing home in his neighbourhood.


Jose Antonio Mora Huelva

Branch Manager – Huelva

José Antonio is a positive thinker and consistently exceeds his targets. He is a true inspiration for his team, always believing in them and their potential to achieve anything they want. He recently supported a team member through a difficult time, coaching and supporting them, and making a vital difference to their life.


Luis Jesús Iglesias Fernandez

Carglass® Express Service Leader

People-orientated by nature, Luis positively impacts everyone around him on a daily basis. His drive and passion motivate him to look for new opportunities for Carglass and he inspires his team to get onboard with this mission.

He is committed to his community and supports several causes. He stands out for his desire to give back putting his heart and soul into everything he does.



Anneli Holst

RPA Developer

Anneli develops software programmes that have saved costs and made the business more efficient. Her constant will to improve, deep business knowledge, and hard-working attitude have enabled her to find solutions to the most difficult problems. She always has the attitude that nothing is a problem – you can always find a solution.



BEPA winner headshot

Vincent Bonal

Customer Care Team Leader

Vincent has the courage to look for new ways of working and has implemented a significant number of online tools and procedures to improve the customer journey, as well as the processes for customer care agents. Vincent goes the extra mile every day and is known for his innovative spirit and best practice sharing, not only in Carglass® Switzerland but across other Belron businesses.



Fevzi Iscanli

Branch Manager

Fevzi makes a big positive impact on every single customer and is a true ambassador of our company approach to service delivery and targets. He is a strong role model for his team and works with inexhaustible determination and flexibility, taking the initiative whenever he can to solve customers’ problems with real care.



Claire Ward

Customer Experience Representative Concierge

A proactive, collaborative and incredibly supportive approach to her work has meant that Claire has delivered exceptional results – particularly to vulnerable customers. Her experience and knowledge contribute favourably with client renewals and Claire continues to develop skills to help our customers, clients and colleagues.


Dominic Picillo

Business Process Manager

Dominic consistently demonstrates his approach to ‘make a difference with real care’ for customers and our people. He supports the business in an effective, efficient, and agile way and his collaborative leadership and programme coordination supports various programmes of work to success. Dominic’s resilience, drive and caring attitude demonstrated positive and supportive leadership ensuring a real sense of ‘team’.


Liz Dannatt

Head of Central Operations

Liz led and supported the Autoglass® BodyRepair team to deliver their 2019 commitments. Using her project management, leadership and collaboration skills she drove cohesive teamwork, accountability and ownership. Liz’s engagement supported positive business outcomes and left a lasting impression on the team being instrumental in their personal growth and team success.


Mason Sawyer

Proficient Technician

Mason is a rising star within our business, his can-do attitude sets him up as a real role-model for others. He is both a pleasure to work with and a true asset with consistently positive feedback from colleagues and customers. Outstanding KPI scores are the icing on the cake!


Natalie Kinsella

Job title: Head of Leadership Partnering

Having a strong right-hand person, who works assuredly, helping instil calm and confidence in others at a time of real uncertainty is invaluable. This is Natalie. She works endless hours, managing multiple stakeholders, motivating others so we deliver for our people. All done with the utmost dedication, strength and care.


Robert Stellman

Assistant Pricing Manager

Rob has proactively collaborated and found ways to help colleagues, contributed significantly to grow the profitability of the business, and worked tenaciously to deliver outstanding results. He consistently applies his expertise, broad knowledge, positive attitude, drive, and willingness to help to do the right thing by the business and others.

BEPA winner headshot

Shane Hunt

Operations Manager

Shane leads by example, living our values to drive outstanding performance from his team – consistently topping the KPI charts. He is highly thought of by both his highly engaged team and the wider business. Shane is a personable, ‘go-to’ manager with an incredible skill set.



Annette Kohl

Director of Contact Center Operations

Annette is an excellent role model and has an incredible can-do attitude. She is not too proud to handle any task.

No business wants to experience a crisis like the derecho that affected the Contact Center in Iowa, but when disaster strikes, every business wants a leader like Annette Kohl at the helm. She got the center up and running quickly while making sure the associates were taken care of.


Ben Martin

Strategic Account Manager

Ben is the epitome of best-in-class cross-functional collaboration. He represents his clients well as their voice inside Safelite, but also provides air cover for internal functions. No obstacle has ever been too large for him to overcome; he consistently achieves resolution through collaboration, innovation and partnership.


Bryan Madrid

Lead Master Technician

Every year, Bryan is the technician to beat in almost all of Safelite’s market-level competitions. He is what new technicians strive to become and who experienced technicians lean on when they need a boost. Both his attitude and KPIs are impeccable and admirable.


Jeff Morganti

Quality Manager

Jeff is one of those exceptional associates who truly loves what he does and feels like he’s in the role he was born to do. His energy and passion is evident both in his interactions with his co-workers and in the results of the stores he oversees.


Jose Ortiz

Lead Master Tech

Jose has the ability to brighten the spirits of anyone he meets, whether it’s a co-worker or a customer. Customers drive from hours away just to have an appointment with Jose because they’ve read his stellar reviews. His KPIs also reflect his hard work and dedication.


Josh Craner

Operations Manager

Josh is the epitome of what everyone wants in a leader and has the ability to develop others through his open approach and style. He’s improved the KPIs at his original locations as well as the two he took on during the pandemic, all while inspiring and supporting his team.


Kathy Domer

Process Improvement Manager

Kathy Domer personifies caring heart and service mindset in the way she throws herself wholeheartedly into planning and supporting the Safelite Challenge and this year, the first-ever virtual Spirit of Belron Challenge. The events were successes across the US business largely due to her efforts.


Kevin Danner

Master Technician

Kevin exemplifies a can-do attitude with a smile every day of the week. He installs daily as if he is performing in the Best of Belron, doing it right with the highest integrity. He mentors his fellow associates and trainees, plus he gives all his customers the kind of experience as portrayed in Safelite commercials.


Lori Giacomantonio

Store Manager

Lori is a role model to her peers for both her consistently high-ranking performance metrics and her caring heart that has her willing to step in and help whenever and wherever she’s needed. Customers also constantly share their compliments on their interactions with Lori.


Racism Roundtable Leaders

Jeremy Thomas (Dir of People), Alisa Cooley (District Manager), Brandyn McElroy (Contact Ctr Asst Mgr), Jesse Peterson (Regional VP)

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, this team of African American Safelite leaders facilitated a discussion with over 200 of their colleagues, focusing on how racism has affected them personally and professionally. This candid and transparent conversation inspired other leaders in the organization to voice their own experiences or gratitude in gaining a new understanding.  The impact of the discussion was powerful, inspirational, and a true catalyst for meaningful conversation that will add to the diversity and inclusion agenda across the business.


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