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Behind all of our brilliant Technicians is the world-class technology developed by the Belron Technical research and development team.

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The Technician’s Handbook

Alongside a suite of state of the art tools, the Belron Technical team has produced the Technician’s Handbook, which is highly valued by every Technician.

It contains everything they need to know about the 40 steps in the Belron Way of Fitting and is a reminder of the most important safety and quality-critical parts of their initial training. The Handbook incorporates feedback from Technicians across the business and has been translated into over 24 languages.

The Belron Tool Box

This is a standard set of tools that has been developed by Belron Technical, incorporating the experience of our Technicians who complete more than 15 million jobs each year. The Tool Box contains every tool required to fit any piece of vehicle glass in any Belron market.

Technician fitting windscreen


Unique to Belron, 1—Tek allows a single Technician to carry-out the equivalent of a two-person highly accurate installation of glass. This fantastic lifting assistance device helps the Technician to install even large windscreens on their own, preventing injury by ensuring that their back is protected. Invented, developed, manufactured and launched exclusively for Belron and tested by the UK Health and Safety Executive, 1-Tek is proven to reduce back strain for Technicians when replacing windscreens.

The Belron Technical Master Database

This central online database is a resource only available to Belron Technicians and contains the specific fitting instructions for more complex vehicles. It also enables Technicians to correctly identify the products needed for the vast majority of vehicles across the world. Technicians are encouraged to provide feedback that is used to continually improve and develop the content of the database.


Ezi-Wire® is a mechanical wire cut-out tool that is exclusive to Belron. It was developed to be the safest, most effective and ergonomic method of removing a windscreen so that industry-standard cut-out knives – which can damage the vehicle – are no longer used.

Advanced Repair Technology (ART)

The ART System is a patented glass repair kit used to repair chips in vehicle windscreens, which is unique to Belron and is constantly improved by Belron Technical. The ART head and vacuum and pressure system was specially developed by Belron to apply resin to the damage area as accurately and efficiently as possible, to ensure a top quality windscreen repair every time.

Glass Table System (GTS®)

Tested by the UK Health and Safety Executive, the GTS has been proven to reduce the strain placed on the back during windscreen replacements. Assisting the Technician to safely handle and prepare the glass for installation, the highly ergonomic design of the GTS minimises back strain and allows a windscreen to be lifted in combination with the 1-Tek.

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Driving technical quality to the highest standard.

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At Belron, we are constantly innovating to ensure quality, safety and sustainability.

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