Repair, replace, recalibrate

Providing the best service for our customers

We are worldwide experts in repairing and replacing damaged vehicle glass as well as recalibrating driver assistance systems. This means that we can put all our research, knowledge and energy into providing the best service for our customers.

First-class service and expertise

Keeping our customers safe on the road is our top priority. It’s easy to get in touch and arrange for us to solve your vehicle glass problem – whether online, over the phone or by coming into one of our branches. In many countries our Technicians provide both a branch based and a mobile service, so that your appointment can be as convenient for you as possible.

Investing in safety through technology

As technology is becoming more advanced, we are seeing more vehicles built with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which rely on a combination of cameras and sensors. With a windscreen replacement, these windscreen-mounted cameras need to be refitted accurately and also be recalibrated, in line with vehicle manufacturer instructions. If this isn’t done correctly, this can have a significant impact on the functionality of features such as Emergency Braking or Lane Departure Warning systems, and ultimately on vehicle safety.

That’s why we have invested in the technology and skills required to properly recalibrate cameras and sensors after a replacement windscreen to make sure that driver assist technology is working correctly when it’s back on the road.

Achieving excellence through innovation.

Belron Technical sensor

At Belron, we are constantly innovating to ensure quality, safety and sustainability.

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